Naxxramas Wave 1

Welcome to our Curse of Naxxramas Wave 1 Guide. In this guide we will teach you how to beat the first 3 bosses out of 15 in the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure. Each boss you beat will give you a card reward and when you beat all the boss in the wave, you will get a wing reward. Each wave you defeat, you will unlock 1-2 Class Challenge in beating them will get you a Challenge Reward. Enough with the small talk and let’s get right into the guide. *Note: you might need to try more than once to beat these bosses*

Naxxramas Wave 1

Boss Boss Reward Wing Rewards
Anub’Rekhan Haunted Creeper  
Grand Widow Faerlina Nerub’ar Weblord  
Maexxna Nerubian Egg Maexxna


Class Challenge Challenge Reward
Druid Poison Seeds
Rogue Anub’ar Ambusher


Anub'RekhanAnub’Rekhan is a very difficult opponent to beat because he has a bunch of minions and spells to help him win the early game. He has a hero power that will spawn a 3/1 spider. If that wasn’t bad, he also has some really good AOE spells like Shadowflame and Locust Swarm.  If you want to know his other cards in his deck, here is his decklist down below. We also gave you a decklist you can use to beat Anub’Rekhan.

Anub’Rekhan’s Decklist

  • Mortal Coil x2
  • Deathcharger x2
  • Frostbolt x2
  • Crazed Alchemist x2
  • Haunted Creeper x2
  • Nerub’ar Weblord x2
  • Nerubian Egg x2
  • Shadow Bolt x2
  • Deathlord x2
  • Shade of Naxxramas x2
  • Stoneskin Gargoyle x2
  • Shadowflame x1
  • Anub’ar Ambusher x2
  • Abomination x2
  • Locust Swarm x3

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-04-15 16.40.10To beat Anub’Rekhan, you will have to stop his early aggression. He will overwhelm you with a bunch of minions such as  Deathcharger, Haunted Creeper, and Nerub’ar Weblord. If his minions wasn’t enough, he also has really strong spells like Mortal Coil, Frostbolt, and Shadow Bolt to use to get rid of your minions. The beast way to beat him is by clearing his minions. The hero with the beast chance is Mage since she has a really strong AOE spell (Flamestrike) and lots of spells to stop the aggro. Mage also has a hero power that stops Anub’Rekhan’s hero power. Anub’Rekhan has 2 really strong cards in his deck, Deathlord and Anub’ar Ambusher. You should save your Fireball and Polymorph for those 2 cards. For the Mage decklist above, the 2-3 mana minions with low health but are in there to stop the aggression while your 4-6 mana minions are minions with high health to survive through Anub’Rekhan’s AOE (Locust Swarm and Shadowflame). Once you defeat Anub’Rekhan’s, you will get 2 Haunted Creeper.

Grand Widow Faerlina

FaerlinaGrand Widow Faerlina is a hard boss to beat. If you don’t have the right cards in the early game, you will most likely lose. She has really strong cards that has lots of health like Necroknight (4 mana 5/6). Her hero power is base on the number of cards in your hand. The more cards you have the more missile it will fire. She also have lots of Worshipper giving her  the power to attack with her face. If you want to know her other cards in her deck, here is a decklist down below. We also have a deck  list that you can use to beat Grand Widow Faerlina.

Grand Widow Faerlina’s Decklist

  • Abusive Sergent x2
  • Acolyte of Pain x2
  • Battle Rage x2
  • Cult Master x1
  • Dancing Sword x2
  • Dark Cultist x2
  • Deathcharger x2
  • Hellfire x2
  • Inner Rage x2
  • Necroknight x2
  • Nerubian Egg x2
  • Rampage x2
  • Undertaker x2
  • Worshipper x5

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-10-15 16.29.47To beat Grand Widow Faerlina, you would need to have lots of early game cards. Keep any 2 mana cards in your hand because they will help stop her aggressive play and it will slim your hand down so her hero power will do less damage. Faerlina has 3 cards that you must kill. The 3 are Worshipper, Acolyte of Pain, and Cult Master. Worshipper is a card that needs to die because it gives Faerlina the ability to attack and the attack power stacks the more Worshipper she has out. Acolyte of Pain (draw a card when it takes damage) and Cult Master (draw a card when another minions die) are cards that give her more cards. The card that you don’t kill is the Nerubian Egg unless you have an answer to what comes out of it (4/4 spider minion). Another monster that is really strong is Necroknight. It might have strong stats (5/6 for 4 mana) but it has a terrible deathrattle (kill the minions adjacent to this card). Use this card to your advantage by killing it when it is next to a card. The best way to get rid of it is by using a Fireball on it. The 2 spell card to watch out for are Battle Rage and Hellfire. To play around Battle Rage, make sure don’t let any minion damage meaning you kill them or you don’t touch them. Hellfire is the only AOE card she has. To play around this big AOE spell, you should priorities your minion with 4 or more health than the others.Once you defeat Grand Widow Faerlina, you would get 2 Nerub’ar Weblord.


MexxnaMaexxna is a giant spider that can be really annoying with her deathrattle minions. The deathrattle minions in Maexxna’s deck are the most annyoing one giving more minions. For example, Haunted Creeper  spawn 2 1/1 minions and Sludge Belcher spawn a 1/2 taunt. Webspinner gives a random baest card to the owner’s hand. If the deathrattle minions are not annoying enough, her hero power is on another level (3 mana instead of 2 mana). It returns 1 random minion to the opponent’s hand.  If you want to know about the cards in her deck, here is a decklist down below. We also gave you a decklist that you can use to defeat Maexxna.

Maexxna’s Decklist

  • Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
  • Anub’ar Ambusher x2
  • Dire Wolf Alpha x2
  • Emperor Cobra x2
  • Haunted Creeper x6
  • Necotic Poison x2
  • Reincarnate x2
  • Sea Giant x2
  • Shade of Naxxramas x2
  • Sludge Belcher x2
  • Stoneskin Gargoyle x2
  • Webspinner x2

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-10-15 16.35.58Paladin is a really good class to use to beat Maexxna. The good thing about Paladin is that you have a hero power that spawn a minion that will help stop Maexxna’s hero power. Another way to make her hero power useless is by having a bunch of battlecry minions. The deck is built to counter Maexxna’s hero power power because you have a bunch of minions that will spawn more minions. For example, this Paladin has Murloc Tidecaller, Razorfen Hunter, and Dragonling Mechanic that is considered 2 minions in 1. If Maexxna is using her hero power to help gett rid  of you junk means you will cancel here hero power. You might have some strong cards but Maexxna has really strong cards too. Maexxna has Dire Wolf Alpha which will boost all her weak minions to become stronger. Emperor Cobra is a really strong minion allowing to kill anything it touch. Watch out for it when you actually have a strong minion on board. Sludge Bulcher is a big problem because it has 5 health making which makes it harder for your little minions to kill. The care you should really watch out for is Sea Giant (the # of minion on both sides of  board gives this card cost 1 less). This 8/8 minion is your biggest nightmare because it punish players who does not clear the board or have to many minion on there side. Maexxna also has a special card called Necotic Poison. This card will kill any card she wants that is in her way of winning.

After beating Maexxna, you will get 2 Nerubian Egg and Maexxna for clearing the wave. Congratulation, you have defeated Naxxramas Wave 1. If you like our guide, go check out our Naxxramas Wave 2 guide.