How-to Farm Hearthstone Gold

 In this Tip and Strategy guide, we will be going over a handful of methods on how to maximize your gold production income. Starting out, especially after you have completed all of the hidden quests for gold, you are most likely feeling frustrated at this point in the game due to the amount of gold you are producing. First, there are several ways to earn gold in Hearthstone: by winning 3 games in either Play or Tavern Brawl mode, Quest, and Arena. We will be going into greater depth in each category so you can learn how to efficiently farm for the most amount of gold.

Hearthstone Gold

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Questing for Gold

The very basic way of earning gold is by doing quests. Short and simple, you will get 1 new quest each day. Even if you don’t log on for a day and log on the following day, you will still be given 2 new quests. In other words, you will get 1 new quest per day. However, with that said, you can only hold up to a maximum of 3 quests at any given time. So, to avoid the loss of potential gold you must always keep a quest slot open for new incoming quest at all time.

Also, everyday you will be given a quest reroll. There are a couple of ways you can use your reroll. First, will be the most obvious way of using it, and that is to use it on quest that is too difficult for you to complete. Especially when you are first starting out, you will most likely be comfortable playing only a couple classes. Therefore, rerolling on classes that you aren’t particularly good at is recommended in order for you to have a chance of getting another quest that you will be able to complete.

Secondly, quest reward ranges from 40-100 gold. With that said, we can actually use our reroll on the lowest reward quest (40 gold), in order to have another chance of getting something better. If you are planning on using this method, we encourage you to stack up your 40 gold quest so that once a day you can trade them in for another that yields a greater reward such as the 50, 60, or 100 gold quest. So, instead of completing your 40 gold quest immediately, you can save it for the next day and trade it in for another quest. Of course, with that said, make sure you are not exceeding all of your quest slots in doing this particular method. By using this method, you will be able to maximum the amount of gold you can receive from your quest. Down below we have an ideal example of how rerolling should look like.

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Here is a list of all the quests:

 Name Requirements Reward
[class#1] or [class#2] Victory Win 2 games with [class#1] or [class#2]. 40 gold
[class#1] or [class#2] Dominance Win 5 games with [class#1] or [class#2]. 60 gold
[class] Victory Win 3 games with [class]. 50 gold
Destroy them All Destroy 40 minions. 40 gold
Only the Mighty Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more. 40 gold
The Meek Shall Inherit Play 30 minions that cost 2 or less. 40 gold
Spell Master Play 40 spells. 40 gold
Beat Down Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes. 40 gold
Total Dominance Win 7 games in any mode. 100 gold
3 Victories! Win 3 games with any class. 40 gold
Everybody! Get in here! Win 5 Tavern Brawls. 60 gold
Watch and Learn! Watch a friend win in spectator mode. Classic card pack

Note: The max amount of gold you can hold is 20000 gold (if you were wondering).

Playing for Gold

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-03-15 21.21.43Earning gold through Play and Tavern Brawl mode, you probably have already noticed, but every 3 games you win will earn you 10 gold. However, the max amount of gold you can earn through this is restricted to only a 100 gold per day. In other words, winning 30 games a day will earn you the maximum amount of gold. There are 3 different game modes that will reward you gold: Casual, Rank, and Tavern Brawl.


Hearthstone Screenshot 10-04-15 00.10.57Playing in Casual is actually fairly simple. You literally can play all you want until your heart’s content and not have it affect your status in Hearthstone. Well, that is actually a lie since your win and loss in casual mode will affect your MMR. So the more you win, the higher your MMR will be. In layman’s terms, the match making service of Hearthstone will begin pairing you with “better” players”, or players who have a similar MMR as you do. So the best way to farm for gold is to actually lower your own MMR so the matchmaking service will pair you against players who are actually below your skill level. An easy way of reducing your MMR is to concede a few of your games in a row. Once you have your MMR lower, you can begin playing against other players who are below your skill level. By using this method, after winning a game, the next game you queued up should be conceded in order to balance out your MMR again. As silly as this method may sound, for newer players, staying in the lower end of the match making service is recommended as you are probably not ready to be paired up against players who have a longer history of the game, and a better card collection.


RanksIn rank, your MMR will be evaluated a little differently compared to casual mode since your actual rank is used to matchmake you with other players. Similar to casual mode, winning here will also reward you gold for every 3 wins. With that said, farming in rank is possible. Much like in casual, keep your MMR low, in this case will be rank 20, so you will be queued up against players who to are rank 20. Of course, with that said, keeping your rank static will allow you to farm at the low ranks. Here, it is important to avoid a winstreak by properly conceding. Sadly, this method is actually popular within the Hearthstone community. Basically, if you are genuinely starting out, you may run into some solid players who are using this method to farm for gold quickly. Of course, when the season is coming to an end, you will want to begin climbing the ladder more seriously in order improve your rank reward chest.

Tavern Brawl

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-03-15 21.37.11Lastly, we have Tavern Brawl which offers gold upon winning 3 games. There is a new Tavern Brawl every Wednesday at 10am PST and ends on Monday at 2am PST. The rule of Tavern Brawl changes every week. However, there are two main categories where the rule of Tavern Brawl will fall under as: build your own deck (from your own card collection) and pre-build decks. For newer players, pre-build decks will more often be a better rule as everything is “fair” since it doesn’t involved a player card collection in order to play. Overall, Tavern Brawl is a great way to enjoy the game while earning gold. It is geared more towards the average casual player. Also, you can complete specific hero quest here, which is extremely helpful for players who have a low card collection and are having trouble completing their quest in Play mode. In terms of farming, I wouldn’t say that Tavern Brawl is incredibly quick compared to Play mode since you personally have less control over your RNG as everything in Tavern Brawl is mostly luck based. In general, most people just play for the free classic card pack for that week or to complete the Tavern Brawl quest, “Everyone! get in Here!” In terms of your MMR, it is based off of your regular casual mode MMR.


12-wins-rotatorFinally, arena will be one of those hit or miss game modes, especially for newer players who have less experience with the game. In general, if you are not averaging at least 7 wins in arena, then you can think of arena as a place where you can gamble your 150 gold. Winning at least 3 games will allow you to break even in terms of your net gain from the free pack you earn after the arena run. Of course, any additional win afterward will be a net gain. Simply speaking, a wise decision on your part of gambling your 150 gold. With that said, the magical number of wins needed to do infinite arena is 7 wins. With 7 wins, you will gain at least 150 gold back and a card pack. Any additional win above 7 will earn you a high amount of gold and dust, so it is definitely worth it for players who can achieve a long winstreak in arena. Once you have the necessary skills to perform well in arena, farming for cards, gold, and dust will become immensely efficient and beneficial for you.