Hearthstone Tutorial Guide Part 2

Hopefully you have read our Hearthstone Tutorial Guide Part 1 since this guide will be a continuation. In this guide, we will continue where we left off last on defeating the last 3 remaining heroes. With that said, the last 3 heros will be increasingly more difficult than the previous ones, so pay close attention.

King Mukla

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 15.21.39The 4th Hero you will be facing is King Mukla. King Mukla has 26 health so it will be a bit more of a challenge. Start off by playing your Murloc Raider. King Mukla will play a Crazy Monkey giving you a banana (give a friendly minion +1/+1). Here, the game will show you a mechanic called Charge. A minion having Charge simply means they can attack the same turn as they are played.




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 17.41.32With the Stonetusk Boar having charge, you are able to play him and buff him with a banana making him a 2/2 with charge. Have your Stonetusk Boar attack that Crazy Monkey (+1) and your Murloc Raider attack his face. King Mukla will play another Crazy Monkey giving you another banana. He will also use a card called Barrel Toss which will deal 2 damage to your hero.




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 17.49.48On your turn, play your River Crocolisk and give him a banana making him a 3/4. Also, have your Murloc Raider trade into the Crazy Monkey and have the Stonetusk Boar attack his face. King Mukla is now angry and will respond with a card called Stomp. This will kill your Stonetusk Boar, leaving you left with a 3/2 River Crocolisk.    




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 15.25.13The next card you will draw is Voodoo Doctor (heal 2). What you can do is play him and have him heal your River Crocolisk making him a 3/4 once again. You may also play your Wolfrider (which has charge) and attack his face. King Mukla will become angrier tossing more barrels once again. This time the barrel will hit your River Crocolisk, leaving him with 2 health again. Then he will play a Silverback Patriarch. This minion will have another mechanic called Taunt. A minion with Taunt simply means you will have to kill that minion with Taunt first before you are allow to attack anywhere else.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 18.26.13Silverback Patriarch is blocking your way, as a result, you will need to kill him first. The best way to kill him is by playing your Raid Leader and having your River Crocolisk kill it (+1). Then you can have your Voodoo Doctor and your Wolfrider attack his face. King Mukla will play another Silverback Patriarch. Next, he will play another Stomp, clearing your whole board (this is a +3 for King Mukla). This is the worst case scenario that could happen to you. But no worries, you can recover from this massive lost.  



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 18.36.18The next card you will draw will be Novice Engineer. Make sure to play her first to see what card you draw. The good news is that you were able to draw another minion that cost 4 mana (Sen’jin Shieldmasta) that you can play on the same turn. Plus, he has taunt. King Mukla will then play a card called Will of Mukla, which will heal himself for 8 health and have his Silverback Patriarch attack your Sen’jin Shieldmasta.    




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 18.45.53Now you can have your Novice Engineer trade into Silverback Patriarch and play your Wolfrider and Goldshire Footman. With that, have your Sen’jin Shieldmasta and Wolfrider attack his face. This is where King Mukla cheats. He is going to play his big brother (Mukla’s Big Brother) who is a 10/10. In the text, it even says that he’s too strong and it only costs 6 mana which is actually broken (stats wise). He also doesn’t fit on the board showing that he broke the game (just kidding).  



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 19.12.03The way you deal with this kind of large minion is by ignoring it. The reason why is because King Mukla is already low on health. In other words, it would be a better play to apply pressure to his face. Another reason is that you will have to sacrifice 3 of your minion in order to kill the 10/10, which is a tremendously unfavorable trade for you (-2). Now, just play your Arcane Intellect to see what you draw. Play your Bloodfen Raptor and have your Sen’jin Shieldmasta and Goldshire Footman attack his face. King Mukla will have his brother kill your Sen’jin Shieldmasta. He will also toss a barrel at your face very angrily.  



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 15.27.42At this point in the game, you will have lethal. Have your minion attack his face and then cast your Fireball to his face for game. Congratulations, you have defeated King Mukla. As a prize, you will be given 2 copies of Polymorph.      





Hemet Nestingwary

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 20.49.33The 5th hero you will be facing is Hemet Nestingwary. The best way to defeat him is by killing all of his minions. At the start of the game, you will be starting off with 4 cards instead of 3 since you will be going second. Hemet Nestingwary will start off by playing a 1/1 minion. On your turn, you will need to play your Stonetusk Boar and have it attack the 1/1.    




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.02.02On Hemet’s turn, the game will introduce another new mechanic called Hero Power. This ability will cost 2 mana crystal and can only be used once a turn. Hemet will now use his Hero Power to deal 1 damage to your face. Now it’s your turn, your Hero Power is called Fireblast and does 1 damage to any target. Because there are no other cards you can play from your hand, you can simply use your Hero Power and aim it at his face.  




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.02.27Hemet will play another 1/1 minion and use his Hero Power once again. On your turn, you will need to kill that 1/1 so play your Goldshire Footman and use your Hero Power on the 1/1 minion. This is another example of a +1, but by using your Hero Power this time (since you were able to use no cards in order to remove a card).      




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.02.51Hemet will then play his Raid Leader and end his turn. Now you can play your Raid Leader and Stonetusk Boar. Have your Stonetusk Boar trade into Hemet’s Raid Leader and have Goldshire Footman attack his face.      





Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.03.17Hemet will then play a Frostwolf Grunt which is a 2/2 taunt. Play your Nightblade and have your Goldshire Footman trade with the Frostwolf Grunt. Then have your Raid Leader attack his face.      





Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.03.37Hemet will then play a Fen Creeper which has 3/6 stats with taunt. The best way for you to deal with this minion is to cast Polymorph on it and use your Hero Power to kill the remaining 1/1 sheep. Then, have your other minions attack his face.      





Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.04.13Hemet will then play a Sen’jin Shieldmasta and use his Hero Power to deal 1 damage to your Raid Leader.  At this point in the game, you will have lethal. All you need to do is turn Sen’jin Shieldmasta into a sheep with Polymorph and have your minions attack his face for game. Congratulations, you have defeated Hemet Nestingwary. As a prize, you will be given 2 copies of Reckless Rocketeer.    



Illidan Stormrage

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 22.10.22The last hero you must defeat is Illidan Stormrage. He is so strong that even the game creator thinks he’s overpowered. As you challenge him, you will be going second. Illidan will play a 1/1 minion. On your turn, you won’t have anything to play, so you will have to end your turn. Illidan will play a weapon (this gives the hero the ability to attack for a number of time based on the durability of the weapon). The weapon Illidan is equipped with has 2 attacks and 2 durability. He will then use his weapon to attack your face. But as a result, he will lose 1 durability charge on the weapon.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 22.31.38At this point in the game, you will need to fight for control of the board. You will need to play your River Crocolisk and end your turn. Illidan will use his weapon to weaken your River Crocolisk. Notice when Illidan attacks your River Crocolisk, he also took 2 damage back in return. When Illidan’s weapon runs out of durability, it will also be destroyed. Next, Illidan will play a spell called Flame Burst. 5 missiles will be launched dealing one damage each randomly to the targets that are hit. Luckily, the missile missed your River Crocolisk forcing Illidan to use his 1/1 minion to trade.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 22.40.38Right here, you should play your Wolfrider and have him attack face. Illidan will then play another weapon to kill your Wolfrider. Then he will use his broken Hero Power to summon 2 2/1 minions. The way to deal with this board is to play your Sen’jin Shieldmasta. Illidan will then play a Fireball, targeting your face, meaning Illidan will now have to waste everything he has on the board to kill your Sen’jin Shieldmasta.    




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 22.48.43To take the lead, you will need to play Nightblade. In response, Illidan will play another weapon with 4 attacks and 2 durability. Illidan will then use his weapon and attack your Nightblade. Play your Sen’jin Shieldmasta and your Voodoo Doctor. You’re playing Voodoo Doctor since it is a tempo play. You don’t really need to play the Goldshire Footman since it will give Illidan another taunt target that he can efficiently kill with his weapon.  




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 23.05.49Illidan will use his Hero Power and then summon his Darkscale Healer to heal himself. Then he will use his weapon to hit your Sen’jin Shieldmasta leaving him with 1 health. Play your Arcane Explosion and summon your Magma Rager. Then have your minion attack Illidan’s face. The reason why you are ignoring the Darkscale Healer is because you are setting up for lethal next turn.  




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 21.54.54Illidan will have his Darkscale Healer finish off your Sen’jin Shieldmasta. Then he will play a Flame Burst hoping to kill your minions. Sadly he failed. So he is going to complete his turn by playing his Hero Power. You can now finish him off by having your minion attack his face. Congratulations, you have defeated Illidan Storm Rager. As a reward, you will be given 2 Arcane Missiles. This marks the end of the tutorial stage of the game. Moreover, after this you will be able to access the main content of the game which will be discussed further in our Beginner Guide.




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