Hearthstone Tutorial Guide Part 1

In this tutorial guide, we will be going over the very basics of Hearthstone. We will be giving you some important tips that you will need throughout your entire Hearthstone career. As you first open Hearthstone, you will need to complete the tutorial.  The tutorial can be slightly tricky, but not too difficult, so don’t worry, we will take you step-by-step through the tutorial. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the Hearthstone Tutorial Guide.

Hearthstone Tutorial Guide

Before we begin the tutorial section, you will need to know a few basic Hearthstone terms:


Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 18.51.17When you first enter the game, you will be sent to the tutorial. There, you will be given a pack of basic cards for your deck that you’ll be able to keep once you have completed the tutorial. Once you have your cards, you will then have to defeat 6 different heroes.    




THearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 18.52.29he first hero you will encounter is Hogger. As you play, small notes on the side will appear, so please pay attention. The first card you will draw will be a 1 mana Murloc Raider. Go ahead and place him onto the board. The next turn, you can kill the opponent minion with your Murloc Raider (this is called trading) then play your Bloodfen Raptor.




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 18.53.09Hogger will respond by playing 2 minions with 1/1 (1 attack and 1 health). Don’t be afraid, since your Bloodfen Raptor can only attack once a turn, attacking 1 of the other 2 minion will be worth it. Instead, by attacking the enemy hero (face) will be a better play, then play your River Crocolisk. Your opponent will respond by trading his 2 monsters into your Bloodfen Raptor (this play is an example of a -1 for your opponent). Next, he will play a 4 mana minion with 5 attack and 2 health 5/2.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 18.53.37On your turn, you may trade your River Crocolisk into your opponent’s minion and then play another Bloodfen Raptor. Your opponent will draw a spell card called “Hogger Smash.” This card costs 3 mana and will deal 4 damaged to its target. He will aim it at your face (this is another example of a -1). In general, you do not want to cast burn spells at an enemy hero, in doing so, it will lower your card advantage. Of course, with this said, there are exceptions and that is when you have lethal and or preparing for lethal the following turn.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 18.53.58Since your opponent has nothing on board, you can have your Bloodfen Raptor attack the face. If you read the card Fireball (spell), which says “deal 6 damage” you can cast this spell to finish off Hogger (lethal) Congratulations, you have defeated the first hero. As a prize, you will be given 2 copies of Arcane Intellect.  


Millhouse Manastorm

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 18.54.31The next hero you will be facing against is Millhouse Manastorm. Millhouse will start off with 20 health compared to your 27. To beat Millhouse, the game will advise you to maximize your mana crystal in order defeat him (which isn’t always the best play). This time you will start off with 3 cards. Your first move should be to play the Murloc Raider. Millhouse is not going to have any cards to play this turn, so he’s just going to end his turn. On your next turn, you should play your Bloodfed Raptor and have your Murloc Raider attack. Millhouse will respond to this turn with an Arcane Explosion killing your Murloc Raider and leaving your Bloodfed Raptor at 1 health.    



THearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 22.09.22his turn, you have 2 cards with 3 mana, this means you are only able to play 1 of them. The first one is Raid Leader and the other is Arcane Intellect. Raid Leader gives your other minions +1 attack while the Arcane Intellect lets you draw 2 more cards (+1). The better choice here would be to play Raid Leader since it will help further develop your board presence compared to gaining a +1 card advantage from the Arcane Intellect. This is known as a tempo play. Afterward, have your Bloodfen Raptor attack.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 22.10.30Millhouse will play another Arcane Explosion. Here you’ll have another hard choice to make. You will have 3 cards you can play: a 4 mana Fireball, a 3 mana Arcane Intellect, and a 2 mana River Crocolisk. Playing Fireball means you’re playing on curve, but it will accomplish nothing. So, now it’s between Arcane Intellect and River Crocolisk. Same as last turn, the +1 is nice and all, but playing the River Crocolisk will be the tempo play here. Then attack with your Raid Leader.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 22.10.50

Millhouse will play Arcane Intellect this turn gaining a +1. Now looking at our hand, we see that we’re going to play Bloodfen Raptor and Arcane Intellect. However, as a rule of thumb, before playing anything it is always better to see the draw outcome first. The reasoning for this is to see if we can get a better option or play available to us. In the end, we didn’t draw anything worth playing over the Bloodfen Raptor. Therefore, play the Bloodfen Raptor, attack and end your turn. Then Millhouse will respond with a Fireball to either your Bloodfen Raptor or your River Crocolisk.


Hearthstone Screenshot 09-15-15 22.11.30Here, you have 2 ways to setup for lethal. The first way is to play your 2nd Raid Leader and have your 1st Raid Leader and your other minion attack for game. The second way is to have your 2 minion on board already attack and then cast Fireball for game. Congratulations, you have defeated the all mighty Millhouse Manastorm. As a prize, you will be given 2 copies of Novice Engineer.  


Lorewalker Cho

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.19.37Onto the next hero, Lorewalker Cho. In this match up, it is very important to trade since Lorewalker will be playing cards that will buff his minions. To start off, you can play your Murloc Raider. Your opponent will respond by playing 1/1 Pandaren Scout.





Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.20.42

In this situation, you should ignore the Pandaren Scout and attack his face. The reason behind this is that your Murloc Raider has more stats (attack and health combine equal stats) than the 1/1. So by trading your 2/1 into a 1/1 will be an unfavorable trade for you. Next, play your Bloodfen Raptor. Lorewalker Cho will respond by playing his Shado-Pan Monk with 2 attack and 2 health and he will trade his Pandaren Scout with your Murloc Raider.


Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.20.54At this point, you will need to play Raid Leader. Although the Raid Leader has a good effect and is most likely worth more than Bloodfen Raptor, it is best to use him as a tempo play and have him be sacrificed to the Shado-Pan Monk. You will have your Bloodfen Raptor attack his face since you are ahead on the board. In other words, starting a trade instead of dealing damage will just be pointless. Another reason is that you will be trading a 4/2 into a 2/2 which would be an ill-advised trade for you.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.21.15Lorewalker Cho will do as what we predicted and trade his Shado-Pan Monk into your Raid Leader. Then he will play a River Crocolisk. At this point in the game, it will actually be worth it to trade your Bloodfen Raptor into his River Crocolisk since you want to gain control of the board. Afterward you can play your River Crocolisk. The reason why you play River Crocolisk over Raid Leader is because Raid Leader effect does nothing on an empty board because his effect only applies to other minions on the board. In addition, River Crocloisk has a better stat line then Raid Leader.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.21.28At this point of the game, Lorewalker Cho should be sweating. He will play a Pandaren Scout and buff it with Legacy of the Emperor (giving all his minions +2/+2). Good thing we traded away his minion or else he would have a 4/5 River Crocolisk. The best way to counter this minion is to play Raid Leader and Murloc Raider and have your 3/3 River Crocolisk trade into the 3/3 Pandaren Scout.




Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.21.56Lorewalker Cho’s next move would be to play another Pandaren Scout and Shado-Pan Monk. He will also play Transcendence making himself fly (this will give him immunity until all of his minions on the board are cleared).  At the start of your turn, you should play Arcane Intellect first to see what you draw. Then you should play your Magma Rager. Have your Murloc Raider kill the Shado-Pan Monk and have your Raid Leader kill the Pandaren Scout (this an example of a +1 by using your minion).



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.23.12Lorewalker Cho will play a Voodoo Doctor to heal himself for 2 health. This is where the game introduces a mechanic called Battlecry (minions with Battlecry effect does something special when they are played). With your next turn, you will draw into a card called Novice Engineer. Basically, she will have a Battlecry that lets you draw a card. Go ahead and play her and see what you draw. Next, play your Nightblade (she too has a Battlecry) and have your Magma Rager attack the face. Then have your Raid Leader trade into his Voodoo Doctor.



Hearthstone Screenshot 09-16-15 07.23.56At this point in the game, Lorewalker Cho can’t actually stop you since you will have much more board presence than he does. The only thing he can do left is to play his Magma Rager and end his turn. At this point, you will have lethal after drawing Fireball. Congratulations, you have defeated the 3rd hero, Lorewalker Cho. As a prize, you will be given 2 copies of Wolfrider. This marks the end of this first part of the tutorial. 




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