Hearthstone Crafting Guide

Hearthstone Crafting Guide

In Hearthstone there is a feature in which you can craft any card you desire. The only catch is that it requires dust, which can be obtain through disenchanting cards or through Arena as a reward. However, in this guide, we will be going over into great detail in which top neutral minion that should be crafted first through its usefulness. Here we have listed our top three pick on which should be crafted for each rarity. These cards are what is known in card games as staple cards since they are commonly used in multiple decks.


Let’s start off with disenchanting (also known as dusting) cards first because you can’t really craft cards if you don’t have any dust. I wouldn’t recommend disenchanting any cards unless you know what card you want to craft because what happens if you disenchant a card that you need. If you disenchant a card, you will only get a fraction of the card price and crafting a card, you will have to pay full price. But there are some cards that will never be considered good, for example, Wisp is the worst card in the game. Another reason to disenchant cards is because you have to many extra copy. You can only have 2 copy of a card in a deck and 1 copy of a legendary in a deck. If you pass this number, you will get a notice that you have extra cards and they will ask you if you want to dust them. You don’t really have to dust them unless you want to. Here is a table about the card value.

  Crafting Disenchanting
Common 40 dust 5 dust
Rare 100 dust 20 dust
Epic 400 dust 100 dust
Legendary 1600 dust 400 dust

Common Cards

There isn’t much common cards that can be considered a good stable but the few that are can be put in almost every deck. There are only 3 really good common that stands out the most in our mind and they are Ironbeak Owl, Harvest Golem, and Piloted Shredder. These 3 have the potential to be a splashable for almost every deck while also being a really good drop for it’s mana cost.

Ironbeak OwlIronbeak Owl: Don’t let this little owl trick you. He might be weak in stats but he has a very simple job. He is a very cheap minion to play with it only costing 2 mana. His job is to silence any card that bothers you. For example, if a taunt minion is in your way, well you have the power to silence it. If there is a super buff minion on board, well you can silence it to make that buff minion into a scrawny minion. His use is very good because he is very splashable meaning it can be use in very different decks like aggro, mid-range, and even late game.

Harvest GolemHarvest Golem: This card is underrated because he has slowly started to die off with the new packs coming. But he is a very solid card if you are starting off and need a really good early game card. This card does a lot because he has a deathrattle. You will get a lot of value off his deathrattle because when he dies, you will happen to get another card that is a 2/1 stats. Clearly you are paying 3 mana to get a 4/4 minion split into 2 monster. His uses later isn’t so great because you will have better cards to replace him. But when you start off, he is a very solid card to craft.

Piloted ShredderPiloted Shredder: This card is amazing. It is so splashable in so many deck and so strong too. It is considered one of the best 4 mana drop in Hearthstone. He has a really strong attack but weak health. But his deathrattle change that because you will spawn a 2 mana minions. There are a lot of 2 mana drops you can get from Shredder such as Millhouse Manastorm, Annoyotron, Succubus, Knife Juggler, etc. If you can get a minion that has at least a 2/2 stats or more, you got a good card from it. Even though you can get a lot of good cards from it, there is still a chance that you will a bad card like 1/1 Novice Engineer. Piloted Shredder is mostly luck but people run him anyway because he is a good card to play.


Just like the common cards, there aren’t many rare cards that are considered staple cards. The few rare cards there are, they have a huge impact in the meta game. Each one of them is splashable but they are more value in some decks than others. Out of all the neutral rare cards, we chose 3 of the very best one that you should invest in or keep.

Knife JugglerKnife Juggler: Knife Juggler is a really good card. his health isn’t that great because it’s only 2 health but his ability is amazing. Every time a minion is summon, he will shoot a knife at a random target and it will do 1 damage. 1 damage might not sound a lot but you will keep getting value from Knife Juggler the longer he is out. You can put him in any deck because he has okay stats with a very good ability making him a high priority target. If your opponent doesn’t kill this card, you will end getting value over time.

Mind Control TechMind Control Tech (MCTech): Like it is implied in the name, this is a tech card. It doesn’t really have much of an impact like Knife Juggler but it has the potential to steal games. With it costing 3 mana, it has pretty decent stats. But the reason this card is on this list is because of his battlecry which you will steal 1 of your opponent’s minions if he/she has 4 or more minions on board. Stealing a card is already a +1 but if you steal a high priority card or a strong minion then you will gain tempo. Gaining tempo in Hearthstone is big because now you are in the lead instead of playing from behind.

Azure DrakeAzure Drake: is probably my favorite rare card in this list. He doesn’t have strong stats but his ability is amazing. He has a battlecry ability that allows you to draw 1 card meaning you will +1 just for playing him. But that isn’t all, he also has +1 spell damage. In Hearthstone, spell damage is always a high priority target. Azure Drake is good in a lot of decks if they have spell cards with a big AOE effect like Mage. The only problem with Azure Drake is his weak stats.


There isn’t really any good neutral epic cards that can be considered as a staple in every deck. But we pick the best 3 epic cards that you can craft that are gaming changing and will help you win the game.

Big Game HunterBig Game Hunter (BGH): is more of a tech card then a staple card. He has really bad stats for a 3 mana because he only has 2 health but his ability is really good if you get it off. His ability is to kill a minion with 7 attack or more. The only problem is that not all deck runs minions with 7 or more attack. If you can’t kill anyone with his ability, then he can still be played as a card. He has really high attack so he will help a lot with trading. Lot’s of competitive decks run high though because he helps remove a bunch of strong minions that can just ruin your life. 

Faceless ManipulatorFaceless Manipulator: is an underrated card. He doesn’t see much game play because he is mostly in cheese decks. Don’t get me wrong, he is a really good card to have in your deck because he has an ability to copy really strong cards to help you balance.



Piloted Sky GolemPiloted Sky Golem: is the Piloted Shredder of 6 drops. I think he is a really decent card to craft because he does that has the albility to swapn anothere minion because he does the same thing like Shredder. The only thing different is that he has almost the same ability as Shredder but instead of summoning a 2 drop, he will spawn a 4 drop card better. Piloted Sky Golem doesn’t really have that many 4 drops that can come out but it is always better to get something than nothing.


Legendarys are the considered the most powerful minions in the game. They are so strong that you can on have 1 copy of a legendary in a deck. Here are our top 3 legendary minions that deserve to be crafted.

Sylvanas WindrunnerSylvanis Windrunner: is considered to be a strong legendary due to the amount of pressure she puts on when she enter the board. She has a deathrattle that can steal an opponent card. Stealing a card is a huge tempo swing just like MCTech. Sylvanis will always get a +1 from her ability unless there is no minions to steal. People react to Sylvanis in 2 ways, they ignore her and let her ability go off or they trade everything in so Sylvanis doesn’t plus. Overall, she is a really strong card.

Dr. BoomDr. Boom: The most used legendary in Hearthstone. Dr. Boom is considered to be a very powerful late game card. If your deck is missing a late game, don’t worry because Dr. Boom is a very splashable late game card that is good in any deck. The reason is because he’s a really solid 7 drop with 7/7 stats and he spawns 2 1/1 Boom Bots. These Boom Bots has a deathrattle to be feared. When these cute little bots die, they will deal 1-4 damage to a random enemy character. Not only do you get a strong boss monster, but you also get 2 mini sidekicks that can really hurt.

Ragnaros the FirelordRagnaros the Firelord: best phrase is “Die Insect.” This legendary is on of the really strong late game legendary. Even though you can’t attack with Ragnaros, he is still a force to be reckoned with. When you end your turn, he will say his best phrase and burn a random enemy character for 8 damage. Playing him will get you instant value and the longer he is on the board, he will keep generating value. It puts a lot of pressure on your opponent seeing all his/her minion burn away.