Hearthstone Beginner Guide

After completing the tutorial phase of Hearthstone, you will be able to access the main content of the game. Here we will walk you through the beginning stages of Hearthstone, providing you information of what is available and what to unlock as you progress through the game. We also compile a complete beginner basic deck list for each class, which include a detailed summary of our card chooses. With that said, let us continue onward with the Hearthstone beginner guide.

Hearthstone Beginner Guide

Hearthstone Beginner Guide - Menu

1. Play has two type of mode, casual and rank, where you are up against other human opponent.

2. Solo Adventures has two type of mode, practice and campaign, where you are up against an AI.

  • Practice allow you to play against the innkeeper.
  • Campaign allow you to play against different adventure bosses to earn cards (part of the expansion set).

3. Arena is a gamemode where you randomly draft a deck and compete against other human opponents with drafted decks. Cards drafted will not be kept afterward. At the end of each arena run, there will be a reward chest base on your performance.

4. Tavern Brawl is a gamemode where each week a different set of rules are introduced that are different from your traditional game play mode. Winning your first brawl of that week will reward you with a free classic pack. A new brawl will be updated every Wednesday at 10 am PST. 

5. Shop is where you can purchase card packs with in game currency, gold, or with real money. Additional hero and adventure in the shop can only be purchase through the use of real money.

6. Quest Log opens up an interface where you can check your progress of quest, hero level, rank, and arena. 

7. Open Packs opens up an interface where all of your card packs opening will be taken place .

8. My Collection is where you can check your card collection, build new decks, disenchant and craft new cards.

9. Chat is where you can monitor the status of your Battle.net friends, type messages, send challenge request, and spectate other friends matches.

10. Gold is Hearthstone in game currency.

11. Option is where you can change your setting of graphic and sound. In addition, you can view Hearthstone game cinematics and credits. 

Getting Started

Fighting the inkeeper
As the menu page first appear, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Well, to answer that, we suggest the first thing you should do is to play against the Inn-keeper under Solo-Adventure, in practice mode. There you will be able to practice and get a feel of the game. Additionally, defeating the different heroes there will unlock them to become playable classes. There are a total of 9 different heroes: Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Paladin,  Hunter, Druid, Warlock, Mage, and Priest. Starting out, Mage will be your first playable hero. So continue on defeating the Inn-keeper until you have unlock the other remaining 8 heroes. On a side note, don’t be afraid of losing, as failing will not affect your status of the game. So just pick yourself back up and try again. After obtaining all 9 heroes, you will earn 100 gold. This is what is known as a one time hidden quest. There are several hidden quests out there so here is a list that we have compiled for you:

Hidden Quest Reward
Win 5 games in Practice Mode 1 Classic card pack
Get any Class to Level 10 1 Classic card pack
Complete a game in Play Mode 1 Classic card pack
Unlock every Hero 100 gold
Defeat all Expert AI Hero 100 gold
Get Every Basic cards 100 gold
Play 3 games in Play Mode 100 gold
Win 100 games in any mode 300 gold
Win 1000 games in any mode 300 gold
Disenchant a card 95 dust
 Enter the Arena 1 Arena credit

After looking at the hidden quest, we basically made a to-do list for you to complete and check as you complete them.

  1. Unlock every hero.
  2. Level up every hero to at least level 10.
  3. Defeat all expert AI in practice mode.
  4. Play 3 games in play mode, either casual or rank.
  5. Get one hero to at least level 20 to unlock Tavren Brawl.

This will unlock all features of the game (excluding campaigns) and all basic cards. Now, you will be sitting with a few gold in hand and are wondering what to spend it on. There are a couple of things you can do with your saved gold. First, save it for the Solo-Adventure, campaign content, Naxrammus and Blackrock Mountain or spend it on arena. 

Naxrammus and Blackrock Mountain both individually cost 700 gold per wing. There are a total of 5 wing each in both campaign. These wings are actually worth investing due to the prize cards awarded afterward. Some noticeable cards that have made a huge impact in the game are Lotheb and Emperor Thaurissan.

Arena will reward you with at least 1 (random) card pack in addition to a few other stuff depending on your overall performance. arena is kind of a hit and miss for some player, so be careful. If your typical arena run look something like 0-3, 0 wins and 3 loses, your return investment may not be as worth it. To get your money worth in arena, winning at least 3 game is the minimum to break even with your 150 gold investment. However, 7 wins in arena is the magic number where you will be able to do infinite arena, where your prize will be a card pack and an additional 150+ gold back. Any additional win above 7 will yield a greater amount of profit to commend you for your excellent performance. However, if your win rate average below a 3, we would recommend you to not spend too much effort in arena as it would be better to save your hard earn gold.


Don’t feel rush into playing arena as you will probably not perform as well as most of the other veteran players. For now just focus on improving your skill in Hearthstone as you get a feel of the game. Also, regarding about disenchanting and crafting cards, don’t give into temptation immediately since at this stage of the game, you are still discovering what classes work for you and which ones you enjoy playing.

Basic Decks

Starting out, your card collection will be very limited. Below we have compiled a decklist for each class containing that of only basic cards, in order to help you get started. The only requirement is to have that hero be at least level 10. In most of the decks, you will notice quite a few repeated cards such as Chillwind Yeti and Boulderfist Ogre. The reason behind this is that due to their incredible base stats, they are able to out value other minions. In other words, these basic decks are built around one goal, to have incredible base stats minion. Of course, due to only having basic cards, some class will not be as equal to others. Some noticeable hero that shine above the rest due to their basic class cards and hero power would be Mage, Paladin, and Shaman.

hearthstone-garrosh-hellscreamWarrior artwork-thrallShaman roguecoreRogue
Hearthstone-PaladinPaladin artwork-rexxarHunter artwork-malfurionDruid
20130820034437a0dk3m2hlqn0u4hwWarlock artwork-jainaMage artwork-anduinPriest
Rank Mode

Angry Chicken rank
After completing most of the hidden quest, the next thing we will recommend you doing is getting started in rank mode under play. When you first enter, you will notice that you will start out at rank 25. From rank 25-20, you will not lose any ranking point, stars, or rank. So it gives you all the more reason to play. In other words, don’t be afraid of playing rank this early on in the game as you won’t be penalized for not performing well. It will also not affect your overall status if you lose if you were curious. 

The perfect way to get started here is to pick up one of our basic deck and begin playing. Eventually, if you are able to play enough games, you will be able to reach rank 20 easily. At this stage of the game, you will be playing most likely player that of similar skill level. So take the time to improve on your game play. Focus on some of the basic that we went over in the Tutorial Guidetrading and getting value such as +1 through attacking minions.

After achieving rank 20, you will be awarded at the end of the season with a reward chest, containing a season card back, dust and addition cards for your collection. With that said, of course, as you progress through the rank and perform better, your award will only become better.

We wish you the best of luck, and will see you in the next guide.