Hearthstone Crafting Guide

Hearthstone Crafting Guide

In Hearthstone there is a feature in which you can craft any card you desire. The only catch is that it requires dust, which can be obtain through disenchanting cards or through Arena as a reward. However, in this guide, we will be going over into great detail in which top neutral minion that should be crafted first through its usefulness. Here we have listed our top three pick on which should be crafted for each rarity. These cards are what is known in card games as staple cards since they are commonly used in multiple decks. […]

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How-to Farm Hearthstone Gold

 In this Tip and Strategy guide, we will be going over a handful of methods on how to maximize your gold production income. Starting out, especially after you have completed all of the hidden quests for gold, you are most likely feeling frustrated at this point in the game due to the amount of gold you are producing. First, there are several ways to earn gold in Hearthstone: by winning 3 games in either Play or Tavern Brawl mode, Quest, and Arena. We will be going into greater depth in each category so you can learn how to efficiently farm for the most amount of gold.