Basic Warrior

Basic WarriorBasic Warrior

Welcome to the basic Warrior decklist, which is part of our basic deck series for our Hearthstone Beginner Guide. Warrior will be the most weapon heavy focus class due to the amount of weapon used in the deck. As a rule of thumb, weapons are commonly used as a source of removal. Yes, taking self damage in order to control the board. With that said, there are of course exceptions, and that is when you have lethal or are setting up for lethal.

Class Cards Explanation

Execute one of Warrior staple hard removal. Short and simple, it remove any damage minion. Great when used to clear already damage minion from the previous turn. It is arguably used in every Warrior deck in Hearthstone.

Fiery War Axe an all time staple in just about every Warrior decklist, from basic to top competitive decks such as Grim Patron and Control Warrior. This weapon is a great early game removal as it efficiently remove early game threats to control the board early on. Notice how much emphasis is placed on “early game.” Having a Fiery War Axe in an opening hand helps a lot with early aggression.

Heroic Strike main purpose here is to act as another source of removal. Of course, can also be used for lethal or setting up for lethal.

Warsong Commander main purpose here is to be a descent 3 drop. Its base stats is a little underwhelming but makes up for it with its effect to help with the early game.

Kor’kron Elite a class minion that can apply pressure in the midgame due to its charge effect.

Arcanite Reaper the bigger brother of Fiery War Axe. Useful in the mid and late game as it can efficiently clear minions off the board. With enough pressure on board, Arcanite Reaper can easily be use to set up for lethal as it deal 10 damage over the course of two turns.

Neutral Cards Explanation

Elven Archer is here to help deal with 1 and or low health minion. Can be combo with Execute.

Acidic Swamp Ooze is the best 2 drop in the basic card set. Not only does it have the ideal stats of a 2 drop, but it also has an additional effect of destroying your opponent weapon.

Bloodfen Raptor is just a vanilla 3/2, to be use in the early game.

Razorfen Hunter is used to help fill up the 3 drop section. When played, it also summon an addition 1/1 minion, so in total, Razorfen Hunter stats comes out to be a total of 3/4 across the two minion.

Shattered Sun Cleric is arguably the best 3 drop in the basic card set. Its base stats is a little underwhelming, due to its nerf, but is still worth running due to its buffing effecting. Giving another minion +1/+1, we can evaluate this card as having a stats total of 4/3 across itself and the buffed minion.

Chillwind Yeti has an incredible base stats and is arguably the best 4 drop in the basic card set, enough said. Chillwind Yeti is an auto include in every basic deck.

Sen’jin Shieldmasta is the best taunt minion in the basic card set, due to his high health and ability to be played on turn 4, makes him very difficult to be removed through the use of minions. In other words, Sen’jin Shieldmasta will usually cause unfavorable trade for your opponent, especially if you are already ahead on the board.

Frostwolf Warlord is decent if casted as a 5/5. However, if Frostwolf Warlord stats can become at least a 6/6 especially if played on turn 5, can make him a minion to be reckoned with. Also, Frostwolf can punish your opponent for not dealing with your minion.

Boulderfist Ogre much like Chillwind Yeti, has an incredible base stats, making him arguably the best 6 drop in the basic card set.

Mulligan Explanation

This mulligan guide is to help you get started in learning how to form the perfect starting hand. For starter, especially with our basic deck series, focus on mulliganing for your early game. For example, looking for a turn 2 play is important to establish an early board. Then try looking for a 3 drop next. So ideally, you want a to be able to play a 2, 3, 4 drop on each of those respected turn.