Basic Hunter

Basic HunterBasic Hunter

Welcome to the basic Hunter deck list, which is part of our basic deck series for our Hearthstone Beginner Guide. The basic Hunter deck will be completely different compared to the other 8 basic decks. This Hunter deck will be mostly beast synergy.

Class Cards Explanation

Hunter’s Mark is a really good card to get rid of big minions.

Arcane Shot can help you get rid of a minion like Knife Juggler

Tracking is a card that will help you get a card that you want. Your biggest priority is Animal Companion, Kill Command, and Houndmaster. But don’t be afraid to get something else to help you curve your next turn.

Animal Companion can give you 1 of the 3 different type of beast: Huffer, Misha, and Leokk. Huffer is a 4/2 with charge. Misha is a 4/4 with taunt. Leokk is a 2/4 that give your other minion +1 attack.

Kill Command is a  really good finisher and can help you get rid of some annoying cards.

Multi-Shot is a really good card to help you get rid of some cards with 3 health. You can only play this card if your opponent has 2 or more minions on board. Also, it will target 2 random minion so don’t cry if it hits the wrong one.

Houndmaster is a really good beast card that synergies with beast because it gives them +2/+2 and give them taunt.

Neutral Class Explanation

Elven Archer is here to help deal with 1 and or low health minion.

Acidic Swamp Ooze is the best 2 drop in the basic card set. Not only does it have the ideal stats of a 2 drop, but it also has an additional effect of destroying your opponent weapon.

Bloodfen Raptor is just a vanilla 3/2, to be use in the early game.

River Crocolisk

Ironfur Grizzly a solid 3 drop, with an additional taunt attached to it. Its main purpose here is just to help fill up the 3 drop section.

Razorfen Hunter is used to help fill up the 3 drop section. When played, it also summon an addition 1/1 minion, so in total, Razorfen Hunter stats comes out to be a total of 3/4 across the two minion.

Shattered Sun Cleric is arguably the best 3 drop in the basic card set. Its base stats is a little underwhelming, due to its nerf, but is still worth running due to its buffing effecting. Giving another minion +1/+1, we can evaluate this card as having a stats total of 4/3 across itself and the buffed minion.

Chillwind Yeti has an incredible base stats and is arguably the best 4 drop in the basic card set, enough said. Chillwind Yeti is an auto include in every basic deck.

Frostwolf Warlord is decent if casted as a 5/5. However, if Frostwolf Warlord stats can become at least a 6/6 especially if played on turn 5, can make him a minion to be reckoned with. Also, Frostwolf can punish your opponent for not dealing with your minion.

Boulderfist Ogre much like Chillwind Yeti, has an incredible base stats, making him arguably the best 6 drop in the basic card set.