Basic Druid

Basic DruidBasic Druid

Welcome to the basic Druid decklist, which is part of our basic deck series for our Hearthstone Beginner Guide. Druid is one of the only class that is able to ramp out mana quickly to play above the curve.

Class Cards Explanation

Innervate an all time staple in just about every Druid decklist, from basic to top competitive decks such as Midrange Druid and Ramp Druid. Innervate helps by ramping out mana quickly for that turn, helping you either by playing larger cards or by curving in.

Claw main purpose in this deck is to be used as a simple removal. Combined with the hero power, you will be able to clear most early game minion.

Wild Growth another one of Druid ramp card, allowing you to gain a mana crystal permanently which will help you accelerate into your bigger minions. If casted on turn 10, or when you already have 10 mana crystal, Wild Growth instead will generate you a card called “Excess Mana” which allow you to draw a card. 

Swipe is one of Druid removal. It also has a small AOE effect, dealing 1 damage across your opponent board.

Starfire is Druid big removal. In terms of mana, it is pretty pricey to play a 6 mana deal 5 damage card. However, Starfire will always be at worst a one-for-one since the card you draw from the effect replaces itself. In other words, if you manage to remove a minion off your opponent side of the board with Starfire, you will easily gain a +1.

Neutral Cards Explanation

Acidic Swamp Ooze is the best 2 drop in the basic card set. Not only does it have the ideal stats of a 2 drop, but it also has an additional effect of destroying your opponent weapon.

Bloodfen Raptor is just a vanilla 3/2, to be use in the early game.

Razorfen Hunter is used to help fill up the 3 drop section. When played, it also summon an addition 1/1 minion, so in total, Razorfen Hunter stats comes out to be a total of 3/4 across the two minion.

Shattered Sun Cleric is arguably the best 3 drop in the basic card set. Its base stats is a little underwhelming, due to its nerf, but is still worth running due to its buffing effecting. Giving another minion +1/+1, we can evaluate this card as having a stats total of 4/3 across itself and the buffed minion.

Chillwind Yeti has an incredible base stats and is arguably the best 4 drop in the basic card set, enough said. Chillwind Yeti is an auto include in every basic deck.

Gnomish Inventor stats is a little underwhelming as a 4 drop, but its effect makes up for the missing stats. When played, Gnomish Inventor immediately generate a +1 as you draw. 

Sen’jin Shieldmasta is the best taunt minion in the basic card set, due to his high health and ability to be played on turn 4, makes him very difficult to be removed through the use of minions. In other words, Sen’jin Shieldmasta will usually cause unfavorable trade for your opponent, especially if you are already ahead on the board.

Darkscale Healer stats is a little underwhelming as a 5 drop, but can potentially generate a lot of value by healing your already weakened minion. 

Frostwolf Warlord is decent if casted as a 5/5. However, if Frostwolf Warlord stats can become at least a 6/6 especially if played on turn 5, can make him a minion to be reckoned with. Also, Frostwolf can punish your opponent for not dealing with your minion.

Boulderfist Ogre much like Chillwind Yeti, has an incredible base stats, making him arguably the best 6 drop in the basic card set.

Mulligan Explanation

This mulligan guide is to help you get started in learning how to form the perfect starting hand. For starter, especially with our basic deck series, focus on mulliganing for your early game. For example, looking for a turn 2 play is important to establish an early board. Then try looking for a 3 drop next. So ideally, you want a to be able to play a 2, 3, 4 drop on each of those respected turn.