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An assortment of guides ranging from getting started all the way to discussing about reaching legend.


A walk-through of Hearthstone adventure using free, basic cards.


A layout of core cards use in popular decks in top competitive gameplay.


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"Everyone, get in here-Patron 2015"

Here at Hearthstone Meta we will be providing you with easy to use guides to help futher your skill and game play experiences.

First of all, we would like to welcome you, whether you are a newcomer coming into the game or a long time vetern, come hone your skill through our fantastic guides. Either starting out as a beginner or trying to obtain that desirable legend rank we will walk you through it one step at a time.

Having difficulty with some of the campaign bosses? With our solo-adventure guide content, we will be bringing you tips and tricks on clearing these stages with our free to play decks containing only basic cards.

Finally, we are proud to present you our very own crafting guide, hightlighting some very key staple cards that are used in a broad amount of decks throughtout the meta of Hearthstone.

So what are you waiting for, everyone get in here!

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  • Deck Building
  • Match-Up
  • Luck

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